All good things have endings?

No, not this blog.

Tomorrow’s the last Stories often Told, it seems. 9-10:30 AM, pacific time. 88.1 if you’re in Santa Cruz, Monterey, or San Benito County. I’ll be doing Dose of Thunder, my new music show again this fall.

I remember in high school (well, when I was graduating high school) being really into the Get up Kids song “Forgive and Forget”. That last week of school I kept singing to myself “all good things have endings” but I didn’t really forgive or forget much there. Well, I definitely forgot.

I guess this real good thing’s gotta go. Waking up at 7:45 on wednesdays was never my favorite, but by about 9:30 I was always really into it, glad that I got to play some tunes that people dug. I got a whole lot of compliments about the show, but I won’t be asking listeners to call the station and “save” the show. I guess it’s just time.

Today’s chronicle headline was very, very intense: SF Chronicle, 9/30

I mean, that’s a real news picture, not something posed. The colors work, certainly. It looks like the opening shot of a television drama, but this is real life. I’m sure Beaudrillard would be laughing at this (or is laughing at this, dude’s not dead). We perceive elements of reality through the lens of things that aren’t real. Pretty soon, we’ll probably only be able to process things this way; getting a divorce will be like getting a “second season” of a reality dating show where the final goal is “love” until the next season.

Regardless, no song in this. Listen to the show tomorrow. Playlist for my show this afternoon (which went well, I think) here.


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