What’s up, friends?

Since this is a blog, it’s time to blog about people who aren’t famous* like Phil Elverum or Blitzen Trapper

My friend Erin started a blog. She makes beards. There is a picture on that blog of me wearing a beard.  I’m sure she’d make you one if you asked. She’s quite good at it.  She also makes prints and other little things.

My friends Lauren and Caroline are in a band called The Splinters. They’re from Oakland. I’m not the first to blog about them. They play a type of music that’s hard not to enjoy. I could name drop other bands that they sound like, but I feel like their myspace does enough of that. They can do a lot of things well. The first song on their EP (handmade and out of print, might I add. These are words that do well for eBay.) sounds like a snowball rolling down a hill, growing and picking up speed (and snow) as it runs people over. This is not a weak band. This is most definitely not the Pipettes. Not to say that their delivery is like a “brick through a plate glass window” (super bonus points to anyone who gets that reference); the song “Worry” is as delicate as they come. It’s got a sort of serious intimacy to it in its four-track tone and lyrics, but the melody is punctuated by an almost Yellow Submarine-esque backing vocal that gives the song a little bit of light.

The Splinters have some shows scheduled in the Bay Area. Go see them.

My friends Matt, Josh, Collin and Luke are in a band called The Spurts. I saw them last week and my feet were tapping the entire time. They just released a 7″ with three songs on it. My favorite is one of the b-sides, “Never Love”. Power-pop references aren’t exactly too varied generally; some people just say “If you liked the Exploding Hearts, you’ll love this.” Matt got me into the Exploding Hearts. This band will have you feeling the same way – young and ready to enjoy yourself. Something about this band is out of the derivative norm. These songs don’t feel engineered as much as composed. Guitar solos show up out of nowhere, backup vocals too. I’m not writing a lot of big sentences about this band. This isn’t the kind of music that begs big sentences or dramatic comparisons. This is the kind of music that begs you to buy another 32 ounce bottle of Miller High Life and flip over the record. Turn it up. Accidentally break something.

The Spurts play regularly around Santa Cruz and the surrounding area.

My friend Travis Hill just finished his new record. He’s starting to record at a Robert Pollard-esque pace. These guys talked about him recently, too. I guess I’m not the only one that likes genuinely incredible songwriting.

I’m thankful to know all of these people.


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