A few things

Sometimes I’ll talk about sports here, namely baseball:

If you’re a Cubs fan, I’m really, really sorry. I had no idea it was possible to choke so often and so hard. Your choke to time ratio is superb, really.

Otherwise, here’s a conversation that sums up some thoughts I’ve been having:

Scott Karoly: would kids really call justice a religious experience if it weren’t for the following:
Scott Karoly: a) copious amounts of ecstasy
Scott Karoly: or b) more fittingly, the ridiculous blown up christian iconography that is their entire message lyrically and artistically on stage/record
Scott Karoly: lyrically=song titles
Scott Karoly: i mean it’s right in their fucking faces
Scott Karoly: if someone like tom petty performed in front of a gigantic fucking cheeseburger, would we call his music a “burger experience?”
Scott Karoly: “when I hear ‘american girl’, i want some fucking beef, man!”
Scott Karoly: i guess you don’t have to answer that.
Edo Konrad: HAHA

But seriously. How hard is it to think you’re having some transcendent religious experience when you’re faced with this for an hour plus in a dark room:

Does anyone want to talk to me about how good of a song “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner” by Warren Zevon is? Anyone? George?

It really doesn’t sound like it came from the ’70s.


One response to “A few things

  1. And none of that stuff with the cross is even plugged into the sound board, it’s all there to perpetuate the illusion that what Justice does is complicated or musical or whatever.
    It’s just two french dudes, each with a $3,000 midi controller, turning loops on and off, checking their email.

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