Hi Erin, the Velvet Underground.

I know you’re reading.

Just noticed a small difference between the CD and LP versions of Loaded, by the Velvet Underground – that is, my two copies.

In Rock and Roll, track three, near the end when Lou sings “you can just dance to the rock and roll station”, there is a two bar break on the CD before the incredible guitar break. On the LP, it’s right there. I don’t know which I like more; I know I love both.

I feel like the more nuances I discover about this band, the more I realize they’re definitely one of my legitimate favorites. Live at Max’s Kansas City disc two kind of sealed the deal. Little glimpses into what’s behind the sunglasses (they were probably off at this juncture) between songs.

“This is a song about, oh, when you’ve done something so sad and you wake up the next day and you remember it. Not to sound grim, or anything. Just once in a while you have one of those days. I seem to have them often. This is a song called Sunday Morning. Wow, it’s really fun to be able to play these for you. I don’t really get the chance.”

“Femme Fatale. This is a song about somebody who was very very mean to somebody else. That’s an understatement. It’s another way to say some people have no heart and they don’t care what they do to you.”

(It was also the first song they wrote that had an augmented chord)

I have real vivid memories of all of these records. The Velvet Underground and Nico, getting a deluxe edition copy for my sixteenth birthday from Lindsey Giusto – then having him ask for it back two months later. I think it was his dad’s. The Velvet Underground, leaving Brian Polonsky’s house at sixteen, driving home with my mom, telling her I wasn’t going to take it anymore. I wasn’t going to be made fun of anymore, I just wanted to listen to Candy Says and more appropriately, I’m Set Free as I drove home down Third avenue in San Mateo. Loaded, in a fort with Emma in Providence, Rhode Island, dark grey skies all afternoon August 2008, 21 years old underneath a blanket with a small light on a dark wooden chair. Inside the most architecturally sound blanket fort one could ever imagine. It’s the beginning of a new age. I’ve already talked about Max’s, the rest I associate with Neil Carman and the beginning of college. Nate leaving me a copy of Loaded wrapped in a newspaper on my stairwell for my 21st birthday.

I’m not going to post any songs. If anyone reading this doesn’t have any of these records, please talk to me and I will help you out, especially if we’re friends. Which to the three people reading this, is probably the case.

Also, the Nodzzz full length, clocking in at a whopping 16 minutes, is awesome.  Check that band out.  Go see them and prepare to smile.


2 responses to “Hi Erin, the Velvet Underground.

  1. what makes you think i read your blog?

  2. isn’t it funny, being nostalgic for a time we’ve never lived through?

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