I’m way past caring

I’ve been waiting to hear the Will Sheff version of “Ex-Girl Collection” for about two years and it is exactly what I wanted it to be.  Man.  It’s out right now on a split 7″ with Charles of the Wrens doing a version of “It Ends with a Fall” that I’ve yet to hear.  Nothing can top the A-side.

I’m glad to be home.


3 responses to “I’m way past caring

  1. It would be amazing if you posted this, I’ve been searching everywhere for it, and Jagjaguwar delayed my copy of the single shipping for another two weeks.

  2. Hey man, I wish! I only have the 7″ and I lack the technology to rip from vinyl right now. I think it’s out digitally soon, but you might get yours before that.

  3. Ah, thanks anyway. Hopefully mine arrives soon!

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