Crusades! Crusades!

Merry Christmas.  I am about to get some Chinese food to assert my cultural Judaism.

But first, man.  I  got Fucked Up’s Hidden World yesterday.  This band makes me feel a certain way about punk that I haven’t felt in a long time.  Like, in my bedroom in my underwear, full air guitar assault, legs spread like Greg Ginn.  But there’s THREE guitars.  You just don’t find craft like this anymore.  Or so I thought.

Let this be the birth of the new SST generation.  Please.  Someone find some Thorns of Life recordings, for real.  For now, here’s what’s got me on my feet.

David Comes to Life

Go destroy Christmas.


One response to “Crusades! Crusades!

  1. ha i went to the jewish museum.. though i was a goy before noon my presents included a book about judaism and a klezmer cd.

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